In Development


Writer / Director: Anthony Pietromonaco

Genre:  Action / Horror / Comedy

Logline:  A group of friends stumbles upon a shack in the Arizona desert, and quickly find themsleves caught in the middle of a war between heaven and hell.  


Synopsis:  Using some questionable directions on an old cell phone, a small group finds themselves lost in the Arizona desert. The only sign of life is an old abandoned shack, which upon closer inspection reveals a note.  It reads:  “If I catch you inside, I will kill you.”  Signed ‘Bob’”  Naturally, this inspires the desire to enter the shack.  This story takes its real life origin and drives it to the limits of imagination as the group enters the shack and discovers the origins of the note, and the true purpose behind it’s warning.  Full of twists and turns that leave the audience guessing what is really going on, Bob is an action/horror/comedy that targets a wide variety of audiences.  It never takes itself too seriously, and evokes themes reminiscent of films such as Army of Darkness, Hellboy, Aliens, and This is the End. 


Writer / Director: Anthony Pietromonaco

Genre:  Thriller / Drama / Horror

A new age approach to the werewolf genre, this is a story of a man who, while defending a wounded werewolf in the wilderness becomes afflicted with a condition known as "Lycanthropy."

Before the following full moon, his forced to choose between two warring tribes.  One that controls their primal nature through the power of will, and the other who revels in it, allowing themselves to be taken over by their instinct without restraint. 

Likend to Interview with the Vampire but with a new twist, this story asks the question:  "At your core, what do you value most?"

Deja Vu

Writer / Director : Anthony Pietromonaco

Genre:  Drama

Four souls cross paths over the course of 4 lifetimes, bridged by the experience of Deja Vu.  This is an epic story that takes the position that we are drawn to the same people over multiple lifetimes, and that each time one comes back, it is to learn the lessons they missed the last time.  

When you experience a Deja Vu, it is the moment when you have fulfilled your previous life's purpose, and through these moments we are able to travel through the various lifetimes of the four main characters as they continue to repeat the same mistakes, until they develop the courage to change them.  


Writer / Director: Anthony Pietromonaco​

Original Content: SQUAREENIX​

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy​

"Materia" is a live action remake of the classic video game Final Fantasy 7.  As a major creative influence on Manifest Founder Anthony Pietromonaco, it has been a long time dream of his to give the fans of this classic the remake they have been demanding for over a decade.  

This project is slated for development, and Manifest is currently seeking an initial round of funding to create a pilot demonstrating our ability to accurately re-create the characters and world in a live action format.  

The Navigator

Writer / Director: Anthony Pietromonaco​

Original Content: SQUAREENIX​

Genre: Adventure / Drama

A stowaway running from his past assumes the identity of the navigator of a ship set on a seminal voyage across uncharted waters.  Shortly thereafter he becomes aware of the gravity of the position to which he is entrusted.  


Risking the lives of the entire crew, he must then quickly learn the most critical position on the ship, and in so doing, realize his own destiny.